New Year’s dye makeover

For my first creative act of the new year, I was inspired to take few items whose colors did not thrill me and put them in a vat of dye. The Pantone color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, so I was inspired to choose a dye in that color family. From my stash, I did a mix of half Periwinkle and half Lilac. More blue than Radiant Orchid, but I just wanted to use what I had on hand.

Here’s what I choose to dye.
I made the tote bag a few years ago with hopes of selling it in a pop-up boutique that was in conjunction with fundraiser that had an orange (the fruit) theme. It’s a well made, functional, fully lined bag that even has a zippered, padded pocket for an iPad. The t-shirt was part of a series I dyed to sell this holiday season. The grey and blue ones sold, but I had two brick red ones left. I always like to throw in a few more things to take full advantage of the vat, so I put in a yard of cotton trim and a fat quarter of cotton fabric folded and bound with two pool tiles.

There is the results.
I’m quite happy!



Piedmont Studio is always available for dyeing sessions! Contact me if you’re interested!


Wear a little tie-dye on your hip

A few months ago I posted photos of some beautiful hand-dyed fabrics in Great Weekend for Dyeing. I felt they were too pretty to cut up, but I finally took the plunge and made a few things. Here are two fold over bags.

DSC_0621 DSC_0636
I sewed on leather handles. A first for me. I just got a new machine that can do this. (40 year old Elna Super – I still love you and will always keep you.) The inside is fully lined with an Amy Butler print fabric. (Side note – I had the good fortune of attending an Amy Butler workshop in Los Angeles this past Saturday, and she truly is a rock star. Also the nicest – and possibly tallest – woman on the planet.)

DSC_0642These bags are both for sale on Etsy.

Fun, Day of the Dead totes

I had been waiting since spring for this Andover fabric to be available. The collection, “Mi Famalia,”  is designed by Jesus Cruz who is an artist that lives in my city of Riverside, California. Both my husband and I are thrilled by this fabric – me, because I sew, and my husband, because he actually had Jesus as a student in a printmaking class several years ago at our local community college when Jesus was beginning his art career. My husband, Michael, can say “I knew him when…..!”

So far, with the fabric, I’ve made two totes. Same pattern with variations.

DSC_0354 DSC_0358

The totes are also lined with fabrics from the collection. They have two interior pockets.
The long strap tote sold before I had a chance to list it (I’m sure I’ll make more!), But the short handle one is for sale on Etsy.

These square bags are not square!

I seem to alternate between using new fabric and fabric from my stash. These two bags were made from fabric from my altered fabric stash. I had a lot of fun piecing together patchwork designs to make these classic square totes.

This varied patchwork is made from fabric that was tie-dyed in several small batches.

This varied patchwork is made from fabric that was tie-dyed in several small batches.

This square patchwork was made from fabric from JoAnn's that I bleached and over-dyed.

This square patchwork is made from fabric from JoAnn’s that was bleached and over-dyed.













They are lined with hand-dyed fabric and have two interior pockets. They are have a layer of cotton batting for stability.










Here are some close ups.








These bags can be snagged in my Etsy Shop.

Fold-over satchel, take two

While I loved the fabric and the style, I wasn’t completely happy with the way my tie-dyed, fold-over satchel lay on the hip when worn across the shoulder. I decided to refine the bag by adding a layer of batting, some interfacing at the opening and a snap closure. I used some fabric that I purchased at JoAnn’s with the intention of altering it in some way.


I over-dyed the fabric with Coral Pink dye from Dharma Trading Co., making a pattern using  rubberbands and marbles. The result was a bright fun fabric.


I trimmed the opening of the bag with a multi-colored hand-dyed fabric from my stash. It is fully lined with a polkadot print and has two interior pockets.


The handles are made from the unaltered fabric.


This bag is can be purchased on Etsy.

An owl bag for me

Occasionally I get the urge to make a new everyday bag for myself instead of rotating something out of the closet. I was interested in making a duffel-style tote from a pattern I had previously used several times. I was pleasantly surprised to find this cool owl print fabric at JoAnn’s.


I decided to pair the owl print with a striped fabric that was in my collection from Michael Levine which I had originally purchased for making some glasses/phone cases.



This phone/glasses case ensures that you’ll retrieve both items with one grab into your purse!

To achieve a cohesive color palette, I actually bleached the two fabrics before making the duffel. Here is the result:


I used some hand-dyed bias tape for the straps and edge binding. I lined the interior with fun dark print fabric. The bag has two inside pockets.


I love that this bag can be completely zipped up, tossed around and no contents will fall out! I can also be machine washed and dryed.


Perfect for slinging over the shoulder!

This bag will make you happy!

I couldn’t resist putting together some bright hand-dyed fabrics of mine to make this small, bubble tote. Just carrying this bag would surely brighten anyone’s day!

The bag is lined with fabric from a repurposed shirt. It has two interior pockets.

It’s sister bag is “yellow, gauzy, bubble bag”. Both these totes are can be purchased on Etsy.