New Year’s dye makeover

For my first creative act of the new year, I was inspired to take few items whose colors did not thrill me and put them in a vat of dye. The Pantone color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, so I was inspired to choose a dye in that color family. From my stash, I did a mix of half Periwinkle and half Lilac. More blue than Radiant Orchid, but I just wanted to use what I had on hand.

Here’s what I choose to dye.
I made the tote bag a few years ago with hopes of selling it in a pop-up boutique that was in conjunction with fundraiser that had an orange (the fruit) theme. It’s a well made, functional, fully lined bag that even has a zippered, padded pocket for an iPad. The t-shirt was part of a series I dyed to sell this holiday season. The grey and blue ones sold, but I had two brick red ones left. I always like to throw in a few more things to take full advantage of the vat, so I put in a yard of cotton trim and a fat quarter of cotton fabric folded and bound with two pool tiles.

There is the results.
I’m quite happy!



Piedmont Studio is always available for dyeing sessions! Contact me if you’re interested!


A warm, cozy place for your ipad

There’s nothing more inviting an a handmade, felted holder to keep a high tech device cozy and safe. So in addition to my felted cell phone cases, I fashioned some ipad cases. I gave my prototype case to my mom and she loves it. If her ipad is not in it, it’s sitting on top of it, providing soft protection from her kitchen tile counter top.

Here are some that are available for purchase:





The ipad just slides right in.



The felted wool is virtually indestructible!

These ipad cases are available for purchase at modern home ec.

Fun tote with special ipad pocket

I’m a fan of fun ways to carry our electronic devices. I took a cute, practical pattern for an all purpse tote and added a zippered, padded pocket for an ipad or other tablet devices. 

The fabric is from one of my favorite fabric stores, Michael Levine’s. The bag is fully lined and also has a second small pocket. It’s a great bag for travel!


This tote is available for purchase on Etsy.