DIY wedding dress, circa 1989

After sifting through social media sites last week, I discovered Me Made May. While I certainly have not worned the dress I am posting recently, I decided it warranted a post for a few reasons. My post on my daughter’s prom dress receive the most “views” ever on my blog, 168+ (and counting). So I figured, hey, why not share another special occasion dress that I made. Also, just engaged, it was this week 24 years ago that I probably bought my first bridal magazines dreaming about my wedding dress that I would sew for myself.

Lori and Michael, December 30, 1989

Lori and Michael, December 30, 1989

I made the bow and vail, too.


My mom, a third generation seamstress, who taught me almost everything I know about sewing, made her mother-of-the-bride dress, too!

I made my bridesmaids dresses, too. My cousin Gail tells a story that she was wearing her bridesmaid dress, again, on the night that her husband proposed to her! I’m so glad she got more use out it.


As I recall, the fabric for all these dresses was purchased at F and S Fabrics which still stands on the corner of Pico and Manning in Los Angeles 24 years later.


DIY prom dress for Hanna, part two

Here it is! It turned out beautifully and fits perfectly. And most importantly, Hanna loves it!


It is fully lined. And even has hidden pockets.


What a fun project this was! Thank you to Michael Levine for carrying such great fabric!

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DIY prom dress for Hanna, part one

Of course I have volunteered to make a prom dress for Hanna. The event is on April 20th – plenty of time! Two days ago we went into downtown L.A. to our favorite fabric store, Michael LevineΒ and picked out three fabrics, one for the bodice and bow, one for the skirt and Β one for the lining. Cost totaled $85.00.



The pattern she has chosen is Simplicity 2444. I am making the view on the left using different fabric for the bodice and skirt.



Stay tune for the results, as we are going to give the word “homemade” a positive connotation!

Travel bag becomes silk, evening bag

Since I am a purse-maker, I should always be carrying the right purse for every ocassion. Recently, I attended to party that involved mostly standing and dancing. Honestly, I rarely get out to such events, so I didn’t have the proper bag on hand for the evening. So course, I made one!

I used a pattern which, on the envelope front, looked a bit like a dowdy, travel bag.


However, I thought it would be the perfect size to put my essentials in for the evening. I made the strap thinner and used for four colors of silk that I once again got from my favorite fabric store, Michael Levine.



For a little interest, I added to button. I think I managed to find to most expensive button at Joann’s Fabrics, $10.95! (And I was one day early for my coupon. Darn!)

The dimensions are 6 1/2″ x 5″. The strap is 52″ long – perfect for wearing diagonally from your shoulder.


And my little, silk bag was perfect for my friend’s birthday party!