Laptop case for one of California’s greenest ladies

This summer my family and I had the good fortune of joining my college buddy Karen and her family at a historic beachfront cabin on Lake Tahoe for three glorious days. Another one of their guests was Karen’s sister-in-law, Liz Varnhagen, who, along with her husband, is dedicated to leaving the smallest footprint possible on this planet. Liz and her husband, Steve, have actually been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as some of the state’s greenest people.

Liz’s birthday was coming up and Karen was lamenting to me that it was difficult to buy gifts for Liz because she gets annoyed if she is given something “new.” I suggested to Karen “Why don’t you commission me to make laptop case out of recycled t-shirts?” (I had noticed that Liz was using well-worn bubble wrap to protect her laptop.) Karen thought that was a brilliant idea, especially because she could give me some t-shirts of Liz’s late mother, and that would make the case even more special.

Here are the t-shirts Karen sent me.
Here is the laptop case that I made.
I vowed to myself that I would put nothing new on it. The front pocket is taken from the lining of a purse my daughter put in the goodwill pile.
The straps are from a backpack I found in my daughter’s closet. (She just left for college, so I figure anything is fair game.)
Here’s the inside.
And here we all are enjoying a great dinner the porch of the historic cabin!