Now trending – cat pouches!

Is it just my imagination, or are cats suddenly super cool? I have been noticing cute cat pictures and videos everywhere on social media, many posted by young, hip, style makers. I think there was a time when only “crazy cat ladies” freely admitted their love for cats. I’ve always loved cats, so I’m glad they are getting the public adoration they deserve.

So I thought now is a good time to use up my cat fabric straps and make some pom pom pouches with them. Maybe some cool cat lover will buy one!
They are all made with over-dyed cat print fabric and tie-dyed fabric. They are lined with a contrasting print fabric.




All three of these pouches are for sale in my Etsy shop.


wine bag with Scandinavian flair

I thought it would be cool to design a wine bag. I recently purchased some fabric from Hawthorne Threads designed by Lotta Jansdotter. I am of Swedish decent, and I am drawn to her Scandinavian design asthetic. I thought a combination of her fabrics would be perfect for my wine bag.

Here it is.

pouch with a pom pom

Recently I have noticed zippered pouches and clutches everywhere. Many are made of leather in beautiful, bright colors. I decided to make my version of a little, zippered pouch using a combination of hand-dyed and print fabrics.


The pouch is 7 1/2″ x 7″. It’s fully lined with a contrasting print fabric. I got my zippers from my favorite source, Zipit. They carry any color you can imagine.

These little bags are as fun as they are practical! Great for travel.

They are for sale in my Modern Home Ec shop.

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Favorite zippered cosmetic bag


I’ve been making and selling these little cosmetic bag to my friends for years. Everyone loves them, including myself. I take one with me everytime I travel and also use one to store my small knitting gadgets.


Today, for the first time ever, I loaded some to sell via the web at

The bags have four layers – 100% cotton exterior, batting layer, cotton print lining, and a clear plastic layer. Also, they are machine washable! (Air dry)






The dimensions are: height 4″, width 7″ and depth 2″.