Travel bag becomes silk, evening bag

Since I am a purse-maker, I should always be carrying the right purse for every ocassion. Recently, I attended to party that involved mostly standing and dancing. Honestly, I rarely get out to such events, so I didn’t have the proper bag on hand for the evening. So course, I made one!

I used a pattern which, on the envelope front, looked a bit like a dowdy, travel bag.


However, I thought it would be the perfect size to put my essentials in for the evening. I made the strap thinner and used for four colors of silk that I once again got from my favorite fabric store, Michael Levine.



For a little interest, I added to button. I think I managed to find to most expensive button at Joann’s Fabrics, $10.95! (And I was one day early for my coupon. Darn!)

The dimensions are 6 1/2″ x 5″. The strap is 52″ long – perfect for wearing diagonally from your shoulder.


And my little, silk bag was perfect for my friend’s birthday party!


Warm, cozy iphone case

If you have knitted and felted wool yarn, you know that the result is a super strong, durable product – perfect for protecting a cell phone! I went a little crazy and knitted and felted one ย cell phone case a day for 30 days.

Here are some of the phone cases I made:

DSC_0134 DSC_0145

I designed the case to fit an iphone, but it will fit most cell phones. The dimensions are approximately 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

I added a thin leather strap to some of them, so they can be worned over your shoulder.



I was grateful to sell many of my 30 phone cases during the holiday season. Presently, I have the remaining one for sale on my new website, Modern Home Ec.


Hip enough for Hanna

I’ve still been having lots of fun dyeing old white t-shirts and thought I’d design a little shoulder satchel that both teenagers and adults might like. So here is my 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ satchel that is made from three layers of hand-dyed, recycled, t-shirt fabric.


The bag is lined with a solid teal, recycled fabric and it has a velcro closure. The 52″ strap is a 1/4″ genuine leather lace from Tandy Leather Factory.


It hits the hip perfectly when worned diagonally on the shoulder.


This mini satchel can be purchased on Etsy.