This bag will make you happy!

I couldn’t resist putting together some bright hand-dyed fabrics of mine to make this small, bubble tote. Just carrying this bag would surely brighten anyone’s day!

The bag is lined with fabric from a repurposed shirt. It has two interior pockets.

It’s sister bag is “yellow, gauzy, bubble bag”. Both these totes are can be purchased on Etsy.


Everyone loves owls

This retro owl fabric caught my eye on a recent trip to my favorite L.A. fabric store. I bought some because I thought it was cute, but I also knew that owls were currently trendy with the kitchy crowd.

I made a bag with the same design as European patchwork tote.

It is fully lined with a lime green/white mini print cotton fabric. It has two interior pockets. The handles are accented with vintage wooden beads.


Shortly after I finished this tote, I received an Eleusis magazine in the mail. This the publication for my sorority, Chi Omega (I was an active a long, long time ago!) I was reminded that our mascot is an owl! There must be a Chi O sister out there who would love to carry this one-of-a-kind tote!

This bag is available for purchase on Etsy.

small satchel of recycled flower t-shirts

I had two ill-fitting, long sleeved, flower print t-shirts that I bought a few years ago from an un-named discount store. As I decided I wasn’t going to wear them anymore, these t-shirts were definitely in need of repurposing. I thought a small satchel would be cute with the flower print.

The purse is fully lined with the contrasting t-shirt fabric. It’s trimmed with a hand-done blanket stitch. The dimensions are 8″ x 8″ x 1 1/2″.

This is a fun, sturdy bag for days when you want to travel light!

This purse is available for purchase on etsy.