retro homemade meets high tech

When we got our Ipad a few months ago, I was not only excited to use it but also to make a cover for it. I love the idea of high tech gagdets being housed in cozy, handmade accessories. This Ipad “folder” is made with two flower prints I bought at Joann’s. I bleached them to enhance their retro quality. The bindings on the edge are hand-dyed.

There is a layer of cotton batting in the middle to provide protection for the Ipad. It has a velcro closure and it’s machine washable. It’s a great way to carry your Ipad when you are transporting it in a larger tote or briefcase. Or just slip it into the folder to keep it safe while sitting on the coffee table.

This Ipad folder is available for purchase on Etsy.


that 70’s bag

I thought I’d share a hobo bag that I made with a 70’s style t-shirt. My dear friend, Jane, purchased it about a year ago and it quickly became one of her favorites. It was temporarily in my possession again to do a little repair, so I took some photos.

It is completely lined with another recycled t-shirt. It has two interior pockets and a tie closure. This bag is very hardy – before I returned it to Jane, I put it through the washer and dryer.

This bag hangs perfectly on Jane’s tall, slim frame.

knitted bag with t-shirt yarn

It had been a long time since I knitted a purse with t-shirt yarn, and I got inspired to knit one after I donated one to a silent auction for my son’s fraternity. He reported that it sold, but was unable to give me any details, like how much it sold for…oh, well. I’m happy that someone in Orange County is enjoying my handmade purse.

So for this bag, I found four “Festival of Lights” t-shirts at my local goodwill.

After dyeing all four t-shirts a bright yellow-green , I cut them into 1/2″ continuous strips and rolled them into balls. On our spring break trip to Arizona, I knitted up the purse.

It is fully lined with fun over-dyed cotton print. The handle is a 44″ natural leather strip.

I was happy that this bag sold at a Pop-Up Boutique at the Riverside Art Museum.