Tote of many sleeves in two styles

I felt like cleaning out in the month of January, using up some of my fabric stash. I decided to re-visit my pile of T-shirt sleeves. Previously, I made two totes with T-shirt sleeves. I have sold them both (yay!), so it was time to make some more.

First, I would like to thank Thatcher Carter for purchasing one of the originals. I have actually seen her carrying it around town! Here’s a photo of the tote and her husband, Ross, while on a get-away to San Diego.

Ross Carter and Thatcher Carter’s tote

Both of the new totes were made from ten pairs of sleeves. The first tote I made was the same trapezoid shape as the first two, only this time I created of a color scheme of blues and greens with contracting handles and lining of red.

The second tote I made was square-shaped and it has color scheme of browns and oranges with navy blue handles and lining.

Both totes have a layer of batting and muslin for body and stability. The square tote could safely carry a laptop or Ipad. Both are machine washable (hang dry).

Both totes are available for purchase on Etsy.