yellow, gauzy, bubble bag

I recently replenished my supply of yellow dye with “Bright Yellow” and “Deep Yellow.” You be surprised how many different shades of yellow exist. Along with my usual cotton fabric, I also dyed some cotton gauze with my new yellow dyes.

With these fabrics, I decided to make a tote using the same pattern as my “Sweet Pea tote with funky fabric” only I added gathers to the gauze layer on top.

The bag is fully lined with a colorful, contrasting fabric and has two interior pockets.

This tote is the perfect size and has great functionality for everyday use, yet it would be super fun to take to a special arty event.

This tote is for sale on Etsy.


Day of the Dead sack

Recently I’ve been taking a break from my recycled T-shirt projects because I have re-discovered my passion for bleaching store-brought printed fabric and then over-dying it. Here’s two fabrics I recently bought at Jo-Ann’s.

After tying and bleaching them, and then tying and dying them in brown dye, they look like this:

I didn’t necessarily intend to incorporate the two fabrics into the same project, but after looking at them, I decided they would go well together in a “sack.” So here’s the sack. The handles are made from some tie-dyed fabric I had on hand.

 The sack has a 12″ zipper closure which completely secures all your belongings. It is fully lined with two interior pockets. It’s also very sturdy and can be machine washed and dried.

In addition to functioning as an everyday purse, this sack can be used a mini duffel.

This Day of the Dead sack is for sale on etsy.

A Birthday Purse for Mom

Very recently my mom celebrated her 75th birthday. This milestone event called for a special gift, and, of course, from me what else but a purse. Currently her color palette mainly consists of blue, purple, pink and grey. She chooses these colors to match her beautiful grey hair.

I did a custom color parfait dye bath using blues and purples on the fabric for this very functional tote.

It’s the perfect size for every day use, and the straps are long enough to carry the purse over your shoulder. Additionally it has a zipper to keep all of your belongings secure.

It is fully lined with a print fabric and has two interior pockets, good for cell phone and keys.

Mom – I hope you enjoy this purse as much as I enjoyed making it for you!