B and B collaborative tote

My husband, Michael, who is a printmaker, joined the ladies one morning during my fabric workshop to print on fabric using plates made from Knox gelatin. (It’s kind of like painting on a Jello Jiggler and then pressing fabric on top of it – a lot of fun!) The strip around the outside of the purse is a collage I made from four of Michael’s prints. I hand dyed the tangerine fabric as well as the colorful lining. I have made, sold and also used many totes of this design. It’s a nice, sturdy carry-all!

This bag is for sale on Etsy.


little rectangular bag

I was thrilled to be able to dye and discharge (bleach) some fabric for myself at my recent fabric workshop. I ended up with a few nice pieces that I first discharged and then over-dyed. I was inspired to resurrect an old design that used many, many times when I was doing “Handbags by Lorene” in 2004 – 2006. It is a cute little rectangular purse. The lining is a brightly colored tie-dye.

This bag is for sale on etsy.

Hanna’s new sack

Several mornings last week I had two wonderful women and two teenage girls (one was my daughter, Hanna) down in the studio dying, bleaching, and printing on fabric. They all designed their own bags by cutting out pieces from their fabrics and sewing simple seams. Then I picked where they left off and finished the construction of the bags for them that involved more complex sewing.

Here is the bag that Hanna designed. It features a face that she printed on white fabric after painting it on a gelatin block with fabric paint. This tote has a 12″ zipper at the top so all her belongings can be completely enclosed.